Thursday, 19 October 2017

A Diwali For All!

Diwali is one of those festivals appreciated and loved by everyone, as it comes with radiance and holidays! People all over the nation get busy making plans with their families and friends and go shopping for beautiful clothes.

Although, the fact remains that little children and young adults enjoy celebrating this beautiful festival with fire crackers even TODAY! In spite of knowing their harmful effects on environment and on animals, families encourage this act in the name of celebration.

Why indulge in this mass pollution and severe health related threat, when this festival can be celebrated in the most memorable way?

Diwali arrives every October to remind everybody that you have been missing out on so many important things like, playing with grandchildren, meeting relatives, meeting old friends, covering distances to get see your parents or for the matter of fact, just taking a long break from the usual hustle -bustle!
Can we not celebrate this year's Diwali this way?

Here are a few points that you all can opt for -

·      Decorate your house beautifully. Decide cleverly and use DIY ideas to decorate each corner of your house! Be creative.




       Make someones Diwali special, for instance buy clothes for your maid or gift her child!

Manage to contribute to orphanages and to those who are unable to celebrate. Plant more trees around you.

          Call your family and friends over and have a great time with food, conversations and real bonding.

Embrace this Diwali with warm hearts and huge smiles! We all need to change our ways of celebrating festivals keeping in mind the health of others and ourselves.
Make this year's Diwali Pure Delight and an unforgettable one! Let this be a trend for the next year!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

The Benefits of Strength Training!

Today’s Goel Ganga Group blog, we bring you the benefits of strength training, from our fitness expert at GCube, Madhavi Ghosh.
Strength training is an exercise where you build your muscles up to peak performance, because no one likes a person who can’t lift a book without cramping his arm.

Strength training can increase bone, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength. See what I mean? STRONG! However, the biggest benefit of Strength Training is improved joint function and it also reduces your susceptibility to physical injury. Strength Training increases bone density, increase in metabolism, and in turn increased fitness. With a balanced program of exercise which includes alternate Weight Training and Cardio Exercises one can have improved cardiac function (in other words, your heart is in tip top condition), and improved lipoprotein (which is a fancy word for fat and cholesterol) lipid profiles, including elevated HDL, “good” cholesterol, as it were.
Strength training is primarily an anaerobic activity.

One of the more common goals is to increase strength by lifting heavy weights. Other goals such as rehabilitation, weight loss, body shaping, and bodybuilding are also achieved through a proper Strength Training Regimen.
Even while training at a lower intensity (training loads of circa 20-RM), anaerobic glycolysis, or as we mortals call it; the digestion of sugar in the absence of Oxygen, is still the major source of power. At higher loads, the muscle will begin to use all muscle fibers possible, both anaerobic (fast-twitch) and aerobic (slow-twitch), in order to generate the most force.
Most men can develop substantial muscles; (blessed testosterone hormone by men) while women lack the testosterone to do it, but they can develop a firm and “toned” physique, and they can increase their strength by the same proportion as by men.
Strength training workouts elevate metabolism for up to 14 hours following 45-minutes of vigorous exercise which in turn also reduces your body fat percentage. Muscle is denser than fat, so someone who builds muscle while keeping the same body weight will occupy less volume; if two people weigh the same and are the same height but have different lean body mass percentages, the one with more muscle will appear thinner, fitter and toned.

Source: wildermanphysicaltherapy

And so, train hard for 2-3 days minimum per week to stay fit, stay strong, because if you don’t, no one else will.
Now that you know the grandeur and greatness of strength training, stop reading this article, switch off your electronic devices and begin to weight-lift. Preferably with weights. If you don’t have weights substitute it with other objects such as… cushions or really, really heavy pens.

And where better to train, than in GCube - Undri’s ONLY Family Fitness Centre at our project Ganga Glitz!  Call 020-41420000 for details about the many different activities you can find here!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Festive Décor Made Fun!

The festive season has arrived and we’ve started to prep for it already! Right from upgrading our wardrobe with colourful apparels to preparing homemade delicacies, we do our best to make every festival a big hit! But when it comes to home decor, we’re left with sheer confusion as to how we can say goodbye to the monotone and try something absolutely new. If you’re one of these, try these amazing home décor tips this festive season to make your home look marvelously stunning.

If you love to experiment and try a new idea every day, this one is for you. You can recycle a whole lot of things from the stuff lying around the house instead of throwing it away. Try making décor items like festoons, candles and lanterns yourself and you’ll be amazed how super simple they are! 

 DIY Door hangings:
Not only do door hangings enhance the charm of your house’s entrance but they also signify a friendly welcome. You can prepare your own with recyclable materials such as handmade paper, cardboard, colourful beads and old ornaments.

DIY candles:
Your festivals are incomplete without our homes being glistened with lights. This festive season, why not add your own personal touch to the candles and diyas to adorn the house? Paint clay diyas and add a little shimmer to them for a fabulous festive look. You can also make your own candles by using shells.

 DIY lanterns:
Lanterns play an important role in adding the festive feel to your home. Planning to go DIY? It’s simple! Re-use old jam, sauce and glass jars and paint them with gold. Simply create exotic ones with paper bags that look absolutely spectacular!


The right cushions add the extra sheen to your living spaces. Experiment with bright colours, jaipuri prints and silk ones that change the look and feel of your home instantly.

The spell of curtains:
Curtains can add a beautiful spell to your home. Opt for block printed, bold patterned ones to completely change how your home looks and cast a magical spell!

The sound of happiness!
Wind chimes add to the extravagance your home needs during festivities. Go for metallic ones or paint the clay wind chimes to add a touch of festivity!

Flower power!
Last but not the least, flowers! Instead of conventional rangolis, you can use flower petals to add a festive element to your home. You can also club colourful petals with floating diyas which will enhance the glamour!


Try these super fun elements to your decor list, and see how Pure Delight your house looks!

Have a great festive season, guys!

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Go Green this Ganeshotsav!

Image result for Green ganpati

“OOOH! The earth is warming up!” an organization shouts.

“The polar bear is dyyyyyyying!” another organization shouts.

“The polar ice cap is melting!” says another.

Well, like it or not, they’re all right. The earth is warming up, the polar bears are dying and the ice caps are melting. And, like it or not, we are responsible for it all. Responsible for the filth in our rivers, the poison in the air and the industrial-strength plant drugs in the ground.

And only those responsible can bring about change.

So, it’s up to you to cool the earth down, to save the polar bears and freeze the ice caps. But, before you board a plane for the North Pole with a defibrillator and a fridge, maybe you could start simple with this Ganeshotsav.

Start with celebrating Ganeshotsav in a clean way. I mean, would the Elephant God want to be immortalized in that disgusting POP? Or would he rather be immortalized in simple clay, molded with loving hands instead of cold molds?

Would he rather be adorned with cheap plastic flowers, and thermocol or the real, vibrant, fragrant beautiful flowers?

We often forget in our haste to give Ganpati his best Ganeshotsav yet, that simplicity and simple designs are often the best and most beautiful ways of celebration. But more than that, our country has 1.5 billion people, out of which hundreds of millions celebrate Ganpati, so think about all those plastic decorations and thermocol that go to waste every single year, only to be replaced the next year.

Think about those millions of POP Ganpatis sitting, now still, at the bottom of the oceans and rivers in which they were immersed. And it is not only the POP, it’s the paint. All the colors used on the idols are filled with chemicals, which typically are not meant to be mixed in water bodies, for the fear of mass poisoning of said water body.

As a result of this mixing of chemicals and the water getting polluted with POP bits and bobs as the water erodes the idols, our oceans and rivers are becoming far less habitable for life. Reefs go extinct in the blink of an eye, the fish can’t breathe and their gills can no longer successfully harvest the oxygen from the water.

On the one hand, we have this method of Ganeshotsav celebration. Harmful and poisonous.
Then on the other, we have clay idols and organic paint that mix seamlessly with the water and go back to where they came from. They are more than just eco-friendly. They are eco-bestfriendly.

So, here’s some food for thought.

No matter what you do, you will have fun. No doubts. But, will you make the poor fish pay the price of your having fun? Or will you do the honorable thing, and have fun but just make sure no one has to pay the price, least of all, the poor fish who don’t understand why they’re dying.

We at Goel Ganga Group do our best to celebrate festivals in the most eco-friendly way and so this year is no exception!

Do come visit any of our sites with your family.
Together let's make this Ganeshotsav , Pure Delight!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Goel Ganga Foundation for Mother Earth

Fact 1
One and a half acres of forest are cut down every second.
Fact 2

Soil erosion, floods, wildlife extinction, increase in global warming, and climate imbalance are just a few of the effects of deforestation.

It’s obvious that deforestation holds terrible repercussions for the future generations. It is our responsibility to increase the Earth’s green cover.
As a part of our ongoing Green Pune Campaign, Goel Ganga Foundation planted 500 trees in and around Wanowrie in a massive Tree Plantation Drive on June 5th, World Environment Day. The Foundation not only planted 500 trees, but also installed tree guards to ensure they are protected and grow properly.
In an effort to promote tree plantation, as a part of the Green Pune Campaign, starting 17th May 2017, we have also been distributing Tulsi saplings to every person who visits any Goel Ganga sites in the city. Tulsi plants are also known for their medicinal properties and many health benefits. 

Here are a few ways you can add to the green cover.
  1.       .        Plant a tree on your birthday every year.
  2.       .        Instead of buying expensive resents, gift your friends and family plants.
  3.       .       Undertake the responsibility of watering at least 5 trees in your neighbourhood.
  4.       .       Keep a seed dispenser in your terraces or balconies.

It’s up to us to save the planet, one tree at a time. It’s not enough to just adopt or plant a tree – they have to be watered, nourished and properly taken care of. Which one of these methods will YOU choose?

97% of water on Earth is salt water, and therefore, unusable. That leaves only 3% of water for all 7 billion of us. Given these figures, it’s easy to imagine that in the future, wars will be fought over water.

In an effort to do out bit towards saving and conserving water, the Foundation installed a rainwater harvesting plant in our project Ganga Satellite, one of Wanowrie’s largest and oldest societies.
GGF4Her, the women empowerment branch of Goel Ganga Foundation also conducted a water conservation workshop at Ganga Satellite. Renowned social activist Mrs. Sharmila Oswal talked to all the attendees about how they can take simple steps to reduce water wastage at home.

Glance at the headlines of any newspaper in Pune over the past many months. It’s apparent that one of the biggest problems our city is facing is waste management.

As our contribution to finding a solution to this menace, Goel Ganga Foundation installed a vermiculture pit in Ganga Satellite – creating a natural method to deal with the huge amount of waste large societies produce.
The Foundation also installed an organic waste convertor at our new project Ganga Glitz in Undri. The convertor turns inorganic waste into organic, eco-friendly compost.  With it, Ganga Glitz became the first residential project in the Undri – NIBM area to have an organic waste management system.

It’s up to US to save the planet, one green step at a time. It’s not enough to just adopt or plant a tree – they have to be watered, nourished and properly taken care of. Waste segregation, recycling and composting are easy ways to dispense of waste responsibly. Rainwater harvesting, reusing water are steps every household can take.
We can save our Earth, if we are smart and do it soon.
Let’s start NOW.
Which one of these methods will YOU choose?

Friday, 26 May 2017

Going green with Tulsi: The wonder plant.


We at the Goel Ganga Foundation are committed to the environment and we are committed to giving back to society in meaningful and relevant ways. In the past, we have conducted various blood donation camps, have constructed various spiritual centers. In the run up to Environment Day – June 5 – and in keeping with our tradition of doing good, we began a campaign on the 19th of May gifting Tulsi, a plant of great importance, at each of our sites to all those who visit the sites.
And why the Tulsi plant?

Tulsi or as it is more commonly called, basil, is a common plant found all over India and some other South Asian countries. It is used in everything from food to medicine and is one of the most versatile plants found on the planet.

It truly is a blessing, in all the meanings of the word. Used to ward off evil spirits for ages, Tulsi has also been used as medicine in the millennia old practice of Ayurveda.
In fact, Tulsi is known…

To reduce inflammation and swelling;
Researchers in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society announced recently that “Extracts of Holy Basil were shown to reduce swelling by up to 73%, 24 hours after application.” This reduction has been compared and found similar to diclofenac, a drug used in the treatment of arthritis.

For its anti-aging properties;
According to research conducted at the British Pharmaceutical Conference, Holy Basil has properties that can prevent the “harmful effects of aging” from taking place. A team of researchers led by Dr. Shinde at the Pune University confirmed the use of Tulsi as a “youth-promotion” medicine.

For its anti-bacterial properties;
Various lab studies have proven that basil in fact possesses various anti-bacterial properties that researchers believe come from various funny-sounding oils present in it that can ward off even funnier sounding Latin-named bacteria.

As the Cancer-fighter;
Various clinical studies show that basil contains phytochemicals. Now while these may sound funny they are very important and are the cancer fighting ingredients that basil possesses that make it the medical plant that it is.

Combats stress;
Here’s a surprising one. Tulsi is a herbal medicine and acts as a natural adaptogen that helps the body adapt to stress and normalize the otherwise negative effects stressors can have on a human being and our bodily processes.
To cut a long story short, why Tulsi – because it is Pure Delight!